I am a Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Science Education at the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies. I belong to a lot of categories (in alphabetical order): Academic, Crafter, Feminist, Interdisciplinary Scientist, LGBT Ally, Mother, Writer . . . there’s probably more.

I began my academic career in veterinary sciences studying animal personality, but I was always fascinated by research methodologies. How can we quantify non-existent things like ‘personality’, ‘welfare’ or ‘student satisfaction’? I barged my way into educational research and started really playing about with research methods. I employ both qualitative and quantitative methodologies in my research, and I’m particularly interested in assessment, the open science framework, and effective human behavioural change.

I have very recently become passionate about academic motherhood, for what are probably obvious reasons. I find I have far less time for hobbies than I used to.