Quality Assurance of Teaching Data

The value of using open science approaches in operational data

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Education institutions collect operational data at a phenomenal rate. While researchers are becoming more and more concerned by ensuring we take a responsible, ethical and repeatable approach to data analysis for research, often the same cannot be said for operational data. At R(D)SVS we have instituted a QA Data Officer role to support educators to make the best use of teaching data

Jilly MacKay


June 20, 2023

It is becoming easier and easier for education organisations to collect vast amounts of teaching-related data. My interest in research methodology has meant that I have been increasingly involved in exploring how my institution collects, utilises and analyses operational data. I have provided large-scale analysis and reporting on externally provided data such as the National Student Survey and commentary on the methods used in operational data reporting.

I am convinced that, as with research conducting, analysis and reporting, we must reckon with our processes in operational data. I now have the responsibility of being the R(D)SVS QA Data Officer, and as part of that, I am involved with our student data across the campus.

This project page collects all the publications, talks, and resources that I have collated in this area. If you are interested in this field, please do reach out to talk to me


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