October Newsletter - Pumpkin Spice Season


Jilly MacKay


November 1, 2023


Two days late and a penny short for the October newsletter, my only defence being that this is a blog and it doesn’t really matter.

October was a busy month at work, getting my head stuck into rewriting one of our MSc courses. It was also the return of the various nursery illnesses, so this is a brief update

New research theme

It’s finally time to add a new research theme to my site. For about ten years now I’ve been working on Human Behaviour Change in Veterinary Contexts, and after that time I’m starting to feel as though I have enough materials that I can draw together in one section. There’s a few things coming this year that will start to populate this section, and I’m looking forward to sharing them.

New paper

Syamira Zaini, who I supervised during her PhD, has published one of her PhD Papers: Perceptions of barriers to providing good cat care in Malaysian clinical practices and there is of course a behind the paper section here.

Stuff I found

And last but not least An interesting paper on consent and debriefing’s impacts on study design by Gordon Hodson

And Emil Hvitfeldt has a great resource on slide design

See ya, space cowboy